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Bautech Systems Ltd belongs to the same group of companies with Studio Bagno Ltd (Floor, Spa, Bathroom, Kitchen, Stone - Blocks )

The department of specialized materials was part of Studio Bagno. In the last few years, with the encouragement of our German suppliers, Bautech is heading forward on an autonomous basis. The Germans say: you cannot build SCIENCE but YOU CAN build TECHNOLOGY!! They have their own philosophy, their own practice and their own methodology.

BauTech Systems Ltd
» Bau: Construct
» Tech: Technology
» Systems: System
Was created with the contribution, the recommendations and guidance of German factories that support it.

The company was established to provide SIMPLE SOLUTIONS for complex problems (Simplex).

The German products are generally accepted for their quality and offered solutions. The Germans do not sell just a product. They offer the system.

e.g. for waterproofing of a roof they do not just sell the materials. They offer complete material application system with its specific procedure. If the applicator removes even one of the stages of the process or even one of the materials, then he is automatically weakening the system and it will not work 100% or not at all.

Another very important thing to note: Even the top quality ingredients need to be placed correctly in order to have the desired effect.

We are always available for anything you need.

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